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Wireless Networks

Wireless Networks are the powerful lifelines of your business that boosts productivity with constant access to your devices, applications and other network resources. It provides better connectivity and easy access to information in an organization. Any misuse of wireless networks can have drastic repercussions on the organizational network security. To avoid this, organizations need to perform regular network auditing and monitor any changes to the preset baseline. Wireless auditing helps an organization in understanding the security vulnerabilities in their WLAN setup and this helps in fixing the potential issues.

Lime Consultants enable our clients to have a comprehensive understanding of their IT and Wireless networks through our audit solutions. It helps them in planning, designing, implementing and optimizing their network environment. We help organizations in tracking their current performance and capacity of the networking solutions, to make sure they are able to leverage on high availability and performance. Our timely reports are highly resourceful to implement potential changes in your network that can further optimize it to improve business processes and workflow.